August 30, 2006

News analysis: mainstream critics say “the victims of Katrina are a bunch of big babies”

Posted in political satire at 3:19 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

tom1.jpgby Tom Toburn

Mainstream pundits are striking back at liberal spin on the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, widely perceived as a low point for the Bush presidency, but a high water mark for social conservatives opposed to big government.

“Why are we supposed to all cry ‘boo-hoo’ everytime somebody asks for a handout?” Rush Limbaugh asked callers on his syndicated program Tuesday. “Anyone ever hear of picking up a shovel and digging out your family? Reminds me of that ‘Grapes of Wrath’ tripe I had to read in high school. In my family, it was all about picking yourself up by your bootstraps, as it were. A lot of them did.

“The victims of Katrina are a bunch of big babies. They got everything they deserved.”

Blogger and analyst Michelle Malkin added “It’s all just the liberal media. Of course no one wanted these peopel to die, except me. Those people were just filthy trash. And trash is often washed out to sea. And that’s all anyone should hear about it.”

Ann Coulter opined “Of course it’s just all the whining and complaining of the pampered liberals again. And why won’t they criticize that pussy Ray Nagin? Or that other pig, that fat Democratic Mayor or Governor or whatever the fuck that strange transsexual lady was?”

And Bill O’Reilly said “What were they thinking, living in this area so close to weak levees, anyway? Then they want to be rescued? It’s not rational, and it’s not fair.”

Most sympathetic to the victims was Sean Hannity, who wondered “When the levees cracked, why didn’t they run? I understand, since my initial reporting, that a lot of them didn’t have cars, but then why the hell didn’t they call a cab?”


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