August 30, 2006

Laura Bush marks Katrina anniversary by commenting on inner tube needs for underprivileged kids

Posted in political satire at 5:33 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Terri Firma

Laura Bush, speaking to a forum for women’s and childrens organizations in New Orleans yesterday, marked Katrina’s one year anniversary by prompting public officials to spring into action by providing inner city children with life preserver vests and inner tubes, “just in case a disaster like this is to strike again.” Though the comments were largely met with silence, interviews with several audience members revealed an appreciation for the First Lady’s concern, even though she still seems ot have little understanding of the scope of last year’s disaster.

Last year, she compared the desparate feeling of Hurricane survivors who had lost their children with the feeling of having a child lost in a market and urged parents in the devastated region to have their children stay in school, though the schools as well as the streets and modes of transportation, had been destroyed. She had mispronounced the name “Katrina” in many instances, often calling the Hurricane “Corrina.”


Some of these statements were perceived as out of touch and insensitive at the time. However, by comparison with the President’s mother, former First Lady Barbara Bush, who said Hurricane victims must be glad to have food and shelter in the Texas stadium where they had been moved, and mused over whether the city of Houston should kick them out at some point for being freeloaders, the reaction was much harsher.

The First Lady’s chief of staff, Marjorie Cunningham, urged restraint by the press corp in interpreting the First Lady’s latest comments. “This is not a woman who means anyone any harm,” Cunningham said. “She’s just unusually dense.”


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