August 29, 2006

News analysis: Bush’s “little boy who cried wolf” diplomacy receiving less traction

Posted in Bush II, political satire at 8:02 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

terri1psd1.jpgby Terri Firma

The Bush administration is fighting to get a tighter reign on Iran’s nuclear ambitions, but is speaking to deaf ears in the international community. After warning the world about Iraq’s nuclear arsenals, before invading and finding the cupboard bare, as it were, he is encountering resistance to his claims of similar capabilities on the part of Iran. “I get the feeling the world community is taking me a little less seriously than before,” Bush confided to close associates like CIA director Michael Hayden, who have requested anonymity. He has said. “I even tried to say, ‘No we mean it this time,’ but they’re not even listening.”

He may still be able to marshal a group of like-minded nations without the benefit of the UN endorsement, similar to how he entered Iraq with the well-known “coalition of the willing,” also known as the United States, England, Poland, and a few stiffs. However, this is seen as a less promising and more costly direction to follow with the Iranian threat.


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