August 28, 2006

Protestor glut at Bush summer vacation site

Posted in Bush I, Bush II, political satire at 10:40 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

images9.jpgby Paula Berrer

Protest groups are competing for space outside the Bush family’s vacation retreat site in Kennebunkport Maine.  The housing compound is nestled along narrow country roads, but protestors are lining both sides of the streets for miles into town, among them representatives of Hurricane Katrina survivors, Iraq war protestors, advocates for the 9/11 families, environmental activists, veteran’s rights groups, and, inexplicably, representatives of the United Way.  Some are accusing the groups of piling on in confronting the President in such a relentless fashion.

Opposing the protestors, as in previous incidents at the President’s old ranch at Crawford Texas, are supporters of the President, such as the Gold Star Families for War Mongering (holding banners proclaiming, “Hell no, let them go”), a newly formed, nebulously named group, “Hurricane drowning victims for Tax Responsibility,” and a rabid group of attorneys representing executives from the energy industry.


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