August 28, 2006

Bush finishes Camus, taking up Kafka, as part of summer reading blitz

Posted in political satire at 10:38 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Paula Berrer

Increasingly tiring of being told that missing 9/11 warnings, the aftermath of Katrina, and the fight in Iraq and have tragic and “Kafka-esque” overtones, President Bush has chosen Franz Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” as his next summer reading assifnment.  Like Albert Camu’s “The Stranger,” which he chose to read prior, Mr. Bush is seeking to “expand his horizons,” says Press Secretary Tony Snow, particularly in light of recent revelations that he is suffering from the “Dorian Gray Syndrome,” wherein the body undergoes decay when focused on overly isolated points of view. 

“I understand it’s a little like that Jeff Goldblum movie, ‘The Fly,’ except that guy turns into a cockroach,” he said in referring to the 1986 film.  “Sounds pretty whack, huh?”

Also coming highly recommended to the President is Fyodor Dosteovesky’s famous tale of redemption by way of the visiting foreigner, “The Idiot.”


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