August 24, 2006

O’Reilly tells liberals: hating Bush is not a policy position

Posted in political satire at 3:08 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

images8.jpgby Tom Toburn

Respondong to the success of the upstart Lamont candidacy in the Connecticut Senatorial race, FOX News analyst Bill O’Reilly told viewers yesterday, “I have news for Mr. Lamont and his liberal supporters: hating President Bush is not a policy position. It is not a stand on the issues. It is hate and hate-mongering and nothing else. It is that simple.”

Lamont phoned in to the program, and said to O’Reilly, “But I don’t hate President Bush,” and O’Reilly retorted, “Yes you do, you victimizing liberals all do. Now don’t deny it, because I know you do. And I don’t want to get into my voodoo witchcraft powers on this, because I don’t know that its relevant to my telling my viewers I know who you are, and what you’re about, and I’m calling you out on it.”

Lamont attempted to deny the charges, and explained that many liberals, supporters of his as well as others, simply have positions that are long-held, that are not supported by the President and his Republican supporters in Congress, but O’Reilly denied its relevance to his theory, reminded Lamont that he does hate the President, and insisted Lamont not enter the “No-Spin Zone” till he could defend his position better than that.


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