August 23, 2006

McCain: I am too a maverick!

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capt5ae10a0bf4cd44659e8a162521d570eadewine_mccain_ohks105.jpgby Terri Firma

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) told an audience in Columbus, Ohio, that he opposes the administration on its build-up and execution of the Iraq war, and insisted that he is too a maverick, because he is not adopting a comprehensively pro-administration stance. “I was not the first in line to support this war either. That was John Warner (R-VA). Me? I was for the war before I was against it. That’s sort of been my stance.”

Senator Joseph Lieberman has recently suffered due to his alliance with the administration on the Iraq policy. McCain is seemingly returing to an independent streak, which distinguished him from political rivals with reporters covering Washington in the past. This may be a response, too, to how little traction he gained by drawing closer to the administration, “plus Cheney still hates the guy,” said a White House aid, asking that he be allowed to speak anonymously so the Vice President would not have him extradicted and killed.

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