August 22, 2006

Republican Connecticut Senate candidate says it’s not fair the Republican party is ignoring him

Posted in political satire at 4:04 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

capt52b0c85b99eb482b88324c95f534965eforgotten_republican_dcnw112.jpgby Paula Berrer

Republican Senate candidate Alan Schlesinger is calling foul over the National Republican Party’s “not very nice attitude towards me and my feelings,” and says it is not fair that they are choosing to throw support towards one of his opponents, current Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman, for the November elections.

“It would really be nice if they would at least ask me my opinion on who the party should support,” he commented on the perceived slight.  “I am a member of the party.  I pay dues and everything.  Maybe I should run as an independent and split their vote, just like Joe is doing to the Democrats.”  Schlesinger is currently carrying the support of 4% of the electorate in the polling for the upcoming election, which includes his mother and her friends, who all live in the upper New Haven district.


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