August 21, 2006

News Analysis: Congressional candidates claim to oppose Iraq war but deny sympathy with terrorists

Posted in political satire at 5:57 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Tom Toburn

Staci Tedowski’s Senate primary fight against incumbent Trudi Blithers (R-OR) is heating up, with the challenger taking the seemingly contradictory stand of opposing the Iraq War but still standing for strength in opposing further gains by terrorists.  “Who ever said you have to be for terrorists if you oppose the Iraq war?” she said.  “It’s set-up like a false choice, between my opponent and ‘the terrorists.’  It’s a little annoying, don’t you think?”

Though avoiding the far-fetched claims made on her behalf by known terrorist sympathizers like Senator and former Presidential candidate John Kerry (D-MA) and Congressman Jack Murtha (D-PA), that the Iraq War diverts resources and troops from fights against terrorists in other quarters, she is trying to align herself with positions that allow for strength on national defense while simultaneously opposing the Bush administration and actions by Congress in its current composition.  “We need a change from current incumbents to more forward thinking and visionary candidates,” she said, to jostles and jeers from mainstream pundits on FOX and Friends over the weekend.

This is in the wake of Congressional candidate Wilma Doleac, from Vermont’s 7th District, claiming to oppose the war but still support the troops.  It was not till an ad-buying blitz by her opponent, incumbent Frields (“Pepper”) Johnson, that this contradiction was exposed.  Doleac has refused to disavow her comments or clarify her position in a way that is not contradictory from the standpoint of her opponent or other mainstream critics. 


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