August 20, 2006

Why would Bush use Joe Lieberman as a secret identity

Posted in Holy Joe, political satire at 3:09 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Paula Berrer

There have been unfounded, and unsubstantiated, reports, some appearing here, stating that Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman is actually President Bush in disguise.

This has not led many to speculate as to the reason such a charade would be beneficial to the parties in question.

Some theories making the insider rounds focus on a role the false identity plays so one can act as a “mole,” conveying secrets or legislative priorities to the opposing party.

Others, though, consider it a way for the President to brief himself on controversial intelligence matters to provide cover if Democrats ever say they were not kept informed.

“This could be what social scientists will call the age of the presidency in the period post advent of facial prosthetics,” known presidential historian Toby Winthrop said.



  1. Liliana said,

    Oh my, guys! Facial prosthetics!

  2. Tom Toburn said,

    I think it’s all lies, as always.

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