August 18, 2006

Rove dismayed that public not as concerned with peril this year

Posted in Karl Rove, political satire at 12:41 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

images7.jpgby Terri Firma

Chief Republican political strategist Rove is privately expressing discontent and frustration because the public is not responding as strongly to voter appeals aimed at fear of terrorists, and is considering creating “scary movie commercials” to get the dialogue back to areas of Republican strength.

Pollster Farley Stallworth confirmed “(Voters) don’t scare so easily anymore. Our private polling is showing that there’s not the skittishness in the air out there that we used to be able to count on to assure victory.”

Rove has found little traction with arguments related to deposed Iraqi despot Saddam Hussein, “because, really, he looked so stupid and silly in coverage from his trial, and his hunger strike didn’t really incite scariness or fear,” an inside source said. There has been some effort to link Islamic terrorists with the threat of fascism from the past, and to draw anologies to the struggle against worldwide Nazi domination during World War II. Some approaches, most of them considered last ditch efforts, would pair photos and the voice of Osama bin Laden with giant monsters and ferocious beasts.

“People need to be reminded how frightening scary things are before the mid-term elections,” a source who asked that he not be identified as Vice President Dick Cheney, said. “If we don’t scare them, they won’t vote for us, and then we’re a little fucked.”



  1. karena said,

    Thank God that source who asked “not to be identified as Vice President Dick Cheney” was caught on tape. I hope they are a little fucked, more so than a “little pregnant.” I hope they are thoroughly, totally, for-real, real fucked when it comes to the elections this fall. Let’s throw some folks who supported the war in Iraq and the scare tactics out on their keesters, Republican and Democrat alike.

  2. Bob said,

    We were fucked the day Bush was installed by his handpicked criminal court. Here it is 5 years later and the sheeple of this country continue to support a proven liar while our men and women in the military are being used as cannon fodder in his illegal and immoral war. We were attacked under Bush on 9/11 cause he wanted to clear brush in over 100 degree heat instead of taking a PDB “Bin Laden to Strike US” with any grain of salt. WAKE UP! Demand a slither of accountability out of this thug administration! Please! ……

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