August 18, 2006

Bush ponders “What would Brando do?”

Posted in political satire at 6:15 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

bushharley.jpgby Tom Toburn

With his popularity ratings sliding again, President Bush is seeking to associate himself with another public figure known for tough talk, but also introspection – the late Marlon Brando. Boarding a Harley Davidson motorcycle for a campaign appearance Wednesday, Mr. Bush said, “I’m a wild one, you better believe,” but deferred acknowledgement of the name of Brando’s motorcycle gang in the film, “The Blind Rebels.”

When reporters reminded Mr. Bush that Brando rode a Triumph in the film, he accused the mainstream liberal press of undermining him and his credibility in the long war on terror, and Connecitcut Senator Joe Lieberman said in an interview that this is done at the nation’s peril. Mr. Lieberman praised the President’s resilience and tough-minded stance on the motorcycle.


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