August 17, 2006

George Allen insists he was only singing “Hakuna Matata” when making presumed ethnic slur

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by Tom Toburnimages-12.jpg

Responding to accusations from the members of the fringe liberal press that he had made a racist reference to an Indian-American at recent rally by calling him “Macaca,” Allen explained, “I don’t have a racist bone in my body,” and “I was only trying to sing the tune from Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ to the young man.”

He had been accused of calling the man “Macaca,” and the implication was made that he had used a racial slur, but Allen insists that he was only singing, and that he often recites from songs out of the Disney catalogue at major campaign events, including “Bippity boppety boo” and “Chim-chim-cheree.”

The Indian American man, S.R. Sidarth, works for the campaign of opponent Jim Webb, considered a liberal extremist. Allen felt it might cheer him up to sing him a little ditty, as his opponents on the liberal side have so little in the way of strategies to combat the threat of worldwide terror.
“I was being generous and helpful to the young man.  I suppose if I had sang the “Pocahantos” song, or something from “Tarzan the chimp,” that would have been taken out of context by liberal reporters too.”



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  2. […] The embattled Virginia Senator has been defending himself against accusations of racism and of denying his Jewish ancestry, and his campaign for reelection has been sent reeling as a result. This latest episode, if nothing else, demonstrates a continued lack of discipline on the part of Mr. Allen as well as his campaign, say some observers. “There are a lot of sharp shooters on his team, but I don’t know why they aren’t able to reel stuff in,” said Charlie Batch of the Cook Political News Service. […]

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