August 16, 2006

Bush: “We’re not safer, we’re not safe, but at least we’re still here”

Posted in Bush II, political satire at 5:43 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

images-6.jpgby Paula Berrer

In his taped address from the Oval Office today, President Bush said, “Americans know that you can never really be safe when you have a crafty and dangerous enemy that always adapts. What I think I meant to say is we’re not safer, we’re not safe, but at least we’re still here. And that’s still pretty good.”

When asked about the seemingly somber and downcast tone to the President’s comments, Press secretary Tony Snow said, “Well, we are still here, and at least we’re not alone. We have each other. That’s not downcast or somber to say? Isn’t that right? Where’s everyone going?”



  1. Dale Peters said,

    This do nothing Republican Congress has done nothing to make us safe.Plus they have done nothing on immigration,health care,energy.and has us hated by the whole world. America needs a New Direction now before we fall like Rome

  2. Terri Firma said,

    The don’t inspire a heck of a lot of confidence

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