August 15, 2006

New Republican “catch phrases” for Iraq conflict

Posted in political satire at 3:09 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider


by Paula Berrer

On NBC’s Meet The Press Sunday, Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mellman tried out several new messages, to replace the current “Stay the Course” slogan. It has been suspected the old slogan is waning in popularity because it is so unattractive to stay the course in a conflict that a high percentage of Americans see as a quagmire.

“Can we just pretend it’s going well?” and “Stay the course…or not” tested poorly with audiences when tried out on FOX News earlier in the week.
“They need something like ‘Win and adapt’ to make this sound right,” Republican consultant and former Rocketdine scientist Pilar Putnam said

Mehlman offered too “We would appreciate it if the Democrats could use ‘cut and run’.”


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