August 14, 2006

Bush: Seeing how we really are safer “requires a little creativity, a little bit of a leap of faith”

Posted in political satire at 1:13 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Paula Berrer

President Bush, speaking to reporters from his new vacation ranch in Erie Pennsylvania, said that Americans feel reassured that they are safer now than they were before the September 11 attacks, but seeing this “requires a little creativity, a little bit of a leap of faith.”  “The American people realize that, even though it wasn’t Iraq who attacked us, we attacked Iraq, and we haven’t been attacked since.”  He praised the soldiers “defending our liberty overseas,” but gave particular credit to “the tenaciousness of my allies in Congress, and in the White House, who have never faltered in their belief in the…well, whatever superlative you want to use…of this cause, no matter the cost or the time it takes to finish the mission.”

He drew reporters again to the parallel between the complacency prior to 9/11 and now.  “We take the fight to the enemy…and it’s not just fighting for the sake of fighting.  No sir.  What we are doing is startegic planning.  I realize our allies in Pakistan are somehow the ones hosting the London terrorist plotters.  That’s a bit of a stretch, I think, for most Americans.  A lot of this is a leap of faith.  I know that.  But from 2000 on, yes attacks.  Now, from 2001 on, not a lot of attacks.  Just do the math.”


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