August 7, 2006

Bush modifies stance: “As the Iraqis stand-up, we’re still going to stand-up”

Posted in political satire at 3:47 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Tom Toburn

As President has watched closely the conditions on the ground, he has modified his stance slightly in terms of the overall strategy for US troops. “I’ve been listening to the generals,” he said at a speech to the Foreign Policy Institute, a hastily gathered consortium of mainstream conservative ideology. “The two Iraq soldiers who were trained and ready to operate independently died of dyssentary. A flexible plan is designed to allow changes as conditions on the ground change. At present, as the Iraqis stand-up, we’re still going to stand up, at least for a while.”

The comments was met by a smattering of applause.  The Director of the newly created Foreign Policy Institue, Nerf deLoing, said, “This ‘conditions on the ground’ thing, I don’t understand that language.  Is that miltary lingo?

“Well, anyway, we were impressed with the President’s candor, and are also hoping that the position allows US troops to at least stand down for a conversation and a coffee from time to time, when the Iraqi forces have a better handle on things.”


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