August 4, 2006

New Hannity poll question: Did Bush actually win in a landslide in 2000 and 2004?

Posted in parody, political satire at 1:05 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

images3.jpgby Tom Toburn

After Fox host Sean Hannity’s running poll that asked “What do you think about WMD’s being found in Iraq?” there is a new poll asking viewers “What do you think of Bush’s landslide victory in 2000 and 2004?” Alongside his guest, former Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, Hannity said “I believe this brave, good woman here more than I believe our criminal, mainstream press.” He plans to raise the poll questions, next week, “Are you glad the Iraqis greeted us as liberators?” and “Are you relieved that Katrina did not significantly damage the Gulf Coast?”

Hannity was critical of co-host Alan Colmes’ feeble protestations of Hannity’s supposedly baseless grounds for raising these important questions. He was particularly tough on a caller who asked Harris about rumors that she dumped one and a half million absentee ballots for Gore off a barge on the Florida coast, calling the caller “not really serious” and “irresponsible and dangerous.”


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