August 2, 2006

Bush trots out Dick Van Dyke impersonation, in desparate bid for public support

Posted in political satire at 11:30 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

images.jpgby Paula Berrer

In an effort to prop up approval ratings that continue to plummet as turmoil in the Middle East continues to cloud his work on domestic issues with a sympathetic congress, President Bush presented beltway reporters an imitation of the famous show opening trip and stumble from the Dick Van Dyke show of the early 1960s.

“I thought it would be funny. How about a little spot on the nightly newscast?” he pleaded reporters. When several cub reporters from the pack professed ignorance, Bush criticized the reporters, told them to refer to cable television’s “Nick at Night,” assured them that the show was very popular in its day, and told reporters it may elude them because they are not quite 60. (Mr. Bush has confided his sensitivity and self-consciousness about his recent 60th birthday with reporters on many recent occasions, and may again be concerned that he is increasingly becoming somewhat of an anachronism to the public, who already see him as existing in “a bubble,” removed from the ordinary concerns of Americans).

This latest episode is reminiscent of his failed Foster Brooks impression at a recent White House dinner, and his frequent use of “Carnac the Magnificent” references in his press conferences where he tries to divine the intent of Middle Eastern suicide bombers.



  1. rita yu said,

    You and your comments are full of crap.

  2. Tom Toburn said,

    Paula’s reporting is unassailable. I take exception to your comment. Are you a real or made up person?

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