July 27, 2006

Coulter says to critics: “Stop the witch hunt”

Posted in Coulter, political satire, satire at 9:30 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Tom Toburn

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter came out in full force against her critics today, in the wake of her column’s cancellation by a third newspaper, this time the North Carolina “Yes Weekly.” Coulter has come under increased fire recently, after calling Bill Clinton a likely homosexual on a nationally televised interview on MSNBC, criticizing Holcaust survivors as wimps, calling Priscillan Presley and 9/11 widows opportunists who bask in the deaths of their husbands, and urinating onstage on a recent late night television “pissing contest” with film maker Michael Moore. “It is outrageous. Stop the witch hunt!” Coulter said at a press conference called for media critics.

Coulter complained “Come on. Don’t you see? They are fixated on me and my skimpy outfits. My critics are a bunch of fixated fags and lesbians. That’s why I seem to get them all in a lather.”

When asked about accusations that she engages in hyperbole and is a purveyor of a publicity-minded brand of absurd theatre, she dismissed these as “…hysterical charges leveled at me because I am a woman.

“They want to see me dead,” she said further.  “May I point out, Jesus Christ died for the sins of his critics too?”


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