July 25, 2006

Snow says Merkel neck massage “was a good time for her”

Posted in political satire, Tony Snow at 5:34 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Tom Toburn

Deflecting recent criticism by members of the White House press corp that President Bush’s neck rub of German Chancellor Angela Merkel was inappropriate, Press Secretary Tony Snow said today that she enjoyed it, and might have enjoyed a sauna with the President later, were it not for the President’s need to return early from the G8 Summit. “We all saw the same tape, right? For heaven’s sake, do we need to be such prudes?” Snow said. “She really seemed to be enjoying herself. Maybe a spa together should be a future occurrence of some kind.”

He scoffed at the notion that this represents a double-standard, and said former Chancellor Helmut Schroeder was not often approached in such a familiar manner because he was not as comfortable with it, and was not as strong a supporter of the United States at the UN.

When reporters complained that it appeared Merkel was trying to shake his hands off, Snow insisted that the Prime Minister was pleased with the President’s spontaneous, and well-meaning gesture, and pointedly asked reporters to examine German mores on these matters.



  1. John Bakalik said,

    Tony Snow is a flip son o bitch, smartass, never shuts up, Madam Merkel looked like she was shocked by all the fotos I saw, Bush was either on something or he suffers from jet lag, to have behaved like a adolesecent. this WW2 vet hopes to live long enough to see him commited.

  2. Snow did not actually spout this nonsense, even though it sounded just like him; the post was from my joke website.

    See this following (also made-up) post, and you’ll get the full picture.


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