July 23, 2006

Rumsfled says “Are we for the Shi’ites? The Sunnis? I forget.”

Posted in political satire, Rumsfled at 3:07 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Terri Firma

In his press conference today, Secretary of Defense briefly forgot which Islamic faction he was discussing with reporters as the one more supported by the administration, and once again said the White House favored, “that the parties work this out for themselves,” but then said, “obviously, we are in favor of the position that favors the Sunnis.  I mean the Shi’ites.”  He then asked one of his aides standing nearby, “Are we for the Shi’ites?  The Sunnis?  I forget.”

For months, many in the administration have been saying that their closer alliance is with Shi’ites in the Iraqi Parliament, more natural enemies of insurgents who are often Sunnis presumed loyal to deposed leader Hussein.  On the other hand, this implies that the violence in Iraq is quelled by increased strength of Shi’ite forces, which has not been the case, as Shi’ites have committed violent acts against Sunnis.  It also would imply they are more loyal to the United States than their counterparts in Iran.  This is also increasingly unlikely now that the Shi’ites have been expressing feelings of solidarity towards the warring Shi’ites in the Hezbollah and Hamas movements fighting with Israel across the Lebanese border. 

“What I think we are hoping for,” Rumsfeld continued, “is some third religion in Middle East Islamism, at some point, maybe a group whose name starts with an ‘S,’ maybe not,…that can act as a better intermediary for us…someone else…maybe that is a little less quick to anger, perhaps.”


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