July 23, 2006

Candidate Profiles: John McCain, “sometimes I wish I could just be George Bush”

Posted in Decision 2008, McCain, political satire at 10:16 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Paula Berrerimages3.jpg

One of the most surprising developments among the crop of Presidential hopefuls is Senator John McCain’s recent pronouncement that his highest aspiration is to actually be George W. Bush.  “I’ve talked to faith healers, herbalists, witch doctors…they tell me it can’t be done.  Still, I like him so much,I wish I could be him.”  Many wonder if religious conservatives, who have a visceral repulsion to Mr.McCain, could be persuaded to support him in 2008 if he were to ever succeed in this.

Earlier cast as a maverick, he taken stands at odds with the President, purportedly based on “principles,” such as oppposing torture, rendition and government over-reach, and permanent extension of tax cuts. This is mostly behind him, and he has been increasingly intent on supporting Mr. Bush.  In a recent straw poll among prospective nominees for the Republican nomination, Mr. McCain made a symbolic, but largely irrelevant and unreciprocated, show of asking his supporters to write in the name of Mr.Bush rather than his own on the straw poll ballot.

Though the two were early rivals, McCain has since claimed he saw Bush as a changed leader after his “megaphone moment” from ground zero following the 9/11 attacks, and some who support the Senator assert this to be true, and almost convincingly.

He has committed to taking stands increasingly at odds with the administration in the Seante “Because Bush told me I should be my own man, and not come off like a ventriloquist’s dummy,” he recently told associates.


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