July 21, 2006

Novak says Pat Tillman was a low level latrine washer

Posted in political satire at 12:36 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Terri Firma

Syndicated columnist Robert Novak told FOX News’ “Hannity and Colmes” yesterday that Pat Tillman, the late NFL guard and volunteer navy rear admiral, was “nothing but a glorified toilet washer,” according to his sources. He has, at other times, been described as a brave, selfless soldier and the late enlistee’s mother has been a critic of the Pentagon. “My sources tell me his actual tours of duty have been greatly over-exaggerated,” Novak said.

This is after Novak has, in the past, spoken dismissively of Valerie Plame’s role at the CIA, and has questioned whether Cindy Sheehan is really Casey Sheehan’s mother. “The jury is still out on that one,” he said. “My understanding is that she’s more like an aunt or a friend, and most of the newspeople covering that story are very liberal, and have very little credibility, frankly.”

Novak also wrote a past article where he said his sources told him that former President John F. Kennedy’s book “Profiles in Courage” exaggerated his military exploits. “He may have gone to a few drills,” Novak said at the time.


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