July 17, 2006

Federal Science experts: stem cell research “is hooey”

Posted in political satire, satire at 3:59 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Tom Toburn

“The debate about the benefits of stem cell research have been grossly exaggerated. It’s hooey.  In fact, I would question whether anything at all can be learned from stem cell research,” said Tari Ritenour of the American Science Foundation Friday. Senate Republicans plan on debating a measure that supports stem cell research next week, under the threat of a presidential veto.

“A lot of scientific breakthroughs come about by research on plants,” said Ritenour, not scientist, but a respected former evangelical clergyman. “Look at the fruitfly and the research Mendel did centuries ago. And my sources tell me there is nothing that you can tell from stem cell research that you can’t discover from research on soybeans, for example. In fact, soy beans look a lot like the shape of embryos, don’t they?”


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