July 16, 2006

Gold Star Families for Peace run afoul of Gold Star Families for War Mongering

Posted in political satire at 6:47 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Terri Firma

The Cindy Sheehan-led “Gold Star Families for Peace” has once again come into conflict with the John Fillipo-led “Gold Star Families for War Mongering,” today, on the capitol steps, where the latter group attempted to have Sheehan’s group arrested for disturbing the peace, and presented a subpoena for a lawsuit over copyright infringement for using the term “Gold Star Families” in their title. Sheehan and her group (formerly the Gold Star Mothers for Peace), are holding a hunger strike protest to pressure the government to bring stationed troops back from Iraq.

Though the envelope he produced was empty, Fillipo said “I could swear I put that subpoena in here. Let me go home and get another one. And these are not forgeries, by the way.”

Fillipo’s group, formerly the Gold Star Mothers for Not Worrying About Casualties, then the Gold Star Mothers for Escalating Global Conflict, has been accused of existing solely as a sham organization, intended only to oppose Sheehan’s group, but Fillipo has insisted that the mothers of fallen soldiers he represents are fiercely pro-war and “would sacrifice more sons to this cause, if they could. I’ve lost three sons over there. I would gladly be a sperm donor, and father children 100 times over to send more of my own children overseas to fight and die in this war. I think that’s the way most people in this country feel.”

Another organization that has joined the mix is Matt Drudge’s Gold Star Mothers for Fear-Mongering. “We had the name first,” said Mr. Drudge, whose group has been using their present name since June. “In addition, they are dishonoring their sons and they are traitors. And they are disturbing the peace. Plus, I am in favor of all abortions being illegal.”


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