July 15, 2006

Decision 2008, Candidate Proflies: Rudy Guiliani, “I’m a very important man”

Posted in Decision 2008, political satire at 9:10 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

Former New York mayor is exploring a Presidential run. Though viewed with suspicion bt the religious conservatives in the Republican party’s base, and out of elected office and predicted to lose if he were to run again, Guiliani believes his appeal streches beyond conventional means to success. “(After 9/11 and the Time magazine cover), people saw me differently,” he told the Associated Press in May. “And, of course, not like a deity, but a lot like a king certainly. You know, like Mr. W. Bush, there’s a lot I could do with an imperial presidency. And the United States, that’s a lot of land. God, that’d be a hell of a thing.”


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