July 14, 2006

Economic and gas problems – Clinton’s fault?

Posted in Clinton (M), political satire, Tony Snow at 1:55 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Terri Firma
The highest ranking members of the Bush Administration are fanning out, taking pains to explain that the country’s problematic economy, the rising deficit, high gas prices and falling wages are the result of policies enacted by former President Clinton. “If we didn’t have the surplus and the impetus to spend, we would’ve never gotten into this mess in the first place,” Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson remarked. When reporters pointed out that previous administrations with surpluses did not have concomitantly high spending, Paulson pointed out that the Iraq War and Katrina disaster are confounding factors, “and on Mr. Clinton’s watch, these problems were, obviously, left to fester.”

Press Secretary Tony Snow later clarified from the podium at his press briefing “But, of course, if a certain former President, a certain Mr. President Clinton, had not been with a certain intern – meaning “with” in the biblical sense, obviously – disgraced the office of the President, as a result,…maybe the expectations might not have been so high for this President to save the day. Wouldn’t have needed to put out so many fires at the same time. But that was just not meant to be now, was it?”

“No, I don’t think that’s just a bunch of gobbledy-gook, Helen,” he said in a further response later. “Next question?”


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