July 13, 2006

Israeli-Lebanese conflict, Bill Clinton’s fault?

Posted in Clinton (M), political satire, Tony Snow at 4:34 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Terri Firma

Press Secretary Tony Snow strode to the White House podium today, and invoked former President Clinton’s name 17 times during questioning of the administration’s approach toward the new Arab-Israeli conflict.

“At least we don’t walk into these things carrying bon-bons, and cookies and flowers,” Snow said. “This president is a bare-knuckled, in your face, negotiator.” When it was pointed out that Bush had yet to call for a summit between the Israelis and the Palestinians during his presidency, Snow reminded reporters, “This President likes to do a lot of that stuff by phone.”

“I guess the messaging is,” long-time political consultant David Gergen said, “the buck stops, well…a little bit further over there.”


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