July 12, 2006

New cure for cancer – Bush credits tax cuts

Posted in political satire at 2:19 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Tom Toburn

President Bush is uncharacteristically claiming credit for events occurring on his watch, stating today that a landmark scientific discovery that may treat several incurable cancers is possible because of tax cuts enacted during his administration.  “Tax cuts create an environment that encourages innovation, lets scientists do science, and lets everyone do what they want to do but better, and without government interference.”

Chief of staff Josh Bolten has been encouraging Bush to “brag more;” to clearly display instances to the country where his administration should be credited.  He notably pointed to the role his tax cuts played in creating a lower deficit than was estimated earlier in the year (though skeptics have claimed that the original estimates were artificially high so the administration might be able to claim credit later).

In another uncharacteristic move, he has been crediting a possible emerging peace in war-torn Darfur to a strengthened international environment from tax cuts enacted on his watch. 


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