July 6, 2006

Bush: “on second thought, ‘cut and run’ is a pretty good idea”

Posted in political satire at 10:07 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Terri Firma

In the aftermath of the military brass and Iraqi leadership recommending a draw down of US troops, President Bush is reversing course, and has come out in favor of a forced troop withdrawal proposal; “I like the idea of ‘cut and run’ now,” he told reporters today.

More importantly, political advisor Karl Rove is now endorsing this approach too. He says “We see this approach as ‘John Kerry-light’,” and denies charges of succumbing to a “Johnny Come Lately”-like approach to Iraqi troop levels. “Oh no,” Rove said. “That’s a dramatic over-simplification. I frankly quite disllike three word buzzwords like ‘Johnny come lately’ to characterize nuanced policy differences anyway.”


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