July 5, 2006

Zarqawi widow learned of Bin Laden betrayal off of Al Jazeera chat show

Posted in political satire at 2:32 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Paula Berrer

An Arabic language television show modeled after “Larry King Live” is where the widow of slain terrorist leader Abu Musad al Zarqawi learned of his betrayal by Al Qaeda’s Osama Bin Laden, who casually remarked to host Myenmor Seacrest, “We made a deal with the filthy Americans, so he would be permanently gone.”

This was followed by an extensive “Stump the Imam” segment, and some good-natured banter with oud player Shaykh Fataah, on the Arabic language program.

Bin Laden seemed to be complaining about his subordinate earlier in the telecast by using words like “minotir” (“smelly”), “chlortop” (“braggart”) and “cheloch mena tov” (“pretty much useless.”) Further, he states that Bush and others in the US assured him they will play ball “as long as we go a little easier on them in the next ‘call to jihad’ video, and push the release date over to October or November.”


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