July 3, 2006

Bush ordered subordinates to play “Ding, dong, ditch” at Joseph Wilson’s house before intelligence leak

Posted in political satire at 11:44 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Tom Toburn

Before knowledge was available that former ambassador Joseph Wilson’s wife had a role as an analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency, a disconsolate President Bush ordered subordinates to exact revenge on Wilson, but suggested some subdued pranks, such as water balooning, or playing “Ding, dong, ditch” as a start. White House transcripts of meetings between Bush and his advisors, obtained by the Associated Press, reveal that he enlisted both former chief of staff Andrew Card and former domestic policy advisor Claude Allen “and anyone else who isn’t doing anything” in the endeavor. He further admonished them “do not dare let anyone trace this to me.”

Vice President Cheney’s suggestion that they retaliate by destroying Wilson’s dog is rejected as “too risky” at the top level meeting.



  1. Yes! I think that game is right up his alley.

    The dog…yes, too risky.

  2. Tom Toburn said,

    Interestingly enough, there was no TP-ing (toilet papering) of any house planned, no “Do you have ‘Prince Albert in a can?’, then let him out or he’ll suffocate!” yucks in the works. The burning bag with the manure left on the front step such that a home-owner would stomp out the fire and deface a shoe; not this either. It was less thought out than that, I believe.

    Thankfully, Cheney’s instincts were not followed in this context.

  3. FreeThinker said,

    I bet next time, the dog’s gonna get it.

  4. Tom Toburn said,

    Yes. The dog’ll be toast. I agree, yes.

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