June 30, 2006

Leaks okay if national interest served, except sometimes, says President

Posted in political satire at 4:18 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Terri Firma

President Bush will invoke a seldom used “except sometimes” provision from first amendment protection of freedom of speech, in allowing Congress to prosecute several major US newspaper editors. This is a hitherto unknown exception, “but I swear it exists,” said Attorney General Alberto Gonzales told reporters.

It had been asserted, and reported earlier, that so-called “liberal rags,” like the Wall Street Journal and the National Review, have over-reached in reporting on the Dr. Pepper surveillance program, and on information that President Bush does not have a real black belt in karate, as these are considered national secrets by Bush and Vice President Cheney. Bush has long asserted that it does not threaten, and indeed protects, national security when White House sources leak information on terror alert status, foiled terror plots and the identity of intelligence officers, “because these are important leaks.”  He said, however, that the cases involving the newspapers cited are unapproved and more damning.

If the newspaper editors are prosecuted, it will be the first exercise of the little known “except sometimes” provision.



  1. Fearguth said,

    Is that Terri or Terry? Regardless, your legwork in uncovering the Dr. Pepper Surveillance Program is to be commended. Have you heard the
    latest from the Dr. Pepper Museum in Waco, Texas? Well, you’ll be surprised
    when you do.

  2. Terri Firma said,

    Yes, it’s Terri. Thanks for the feedback, hon. No, I was not aware vis a vis Waco. I have suspected for some time that the full story on Dr. Pepper and the terror suspects has really not been reported. I will keep my nose to the ground and push my sources. It has come to my attention that the beverage of choice for the Taliban was Ruby Red Squirt

  3. […] This is similar to past assertions regarding leaks and whether they are “good leaks” or “bad leaks,” depending on their context and how they effect his rights as chief executive. […]

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