June 25, 2006

“Curveball” could not be trusted, but jury still out on “Dipshit”

Posted in intelligence, International, parody, political satire, US News, White House at 6:50 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Tom Toburn

ABC News this week is reporting that, though intelligence failures were blamed for unreliable pre-war planning in the Iraq invasion, it has now become commonplace to look at intelligence sources with information on Irans nucear weopon ambitions with a less jaded eye, particularly regarding a source code-named Dipshit, now claiming that Iran has capability to build a nuclear arsenal as tall as the highest treelike an elm tree almost.

His reports have, thus far, been the purview only of the intelligence elite. His information has been notoriously relayed through channels in Jordan and Aman to the NSA and the CIA. The source, when interviewed by ABC News in a safe house in Vienna, denies that he will have reliability problems, or problems with alcohol and drug abuse and mental instability like his predecessor with the Iraq invasion. "Nope, not me, no sir," the source said. "Be a good fella and pass me a drink, would ya?"

His cover had been previously impennetrable; he is legend in intel circles. He was one of many reliable US sources during the Cold War, always present to discuss the strength of the East German forces supporting the Berlin Wall.


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