June 24, 2006

Bush asks Democrats if they want to marry Al Qaeda terrorists on weekly radio address

Posted in International, parody, politics, White House at 7:21 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Terri Firma

In his weekly radio address, President Bush defended the latest in a series of newspaper exposes of government illegal surveillance of ordinary citizens by creating his patented “straw man” argument, to raise the spectre of unchecked terrorist efforts. “Some say terrorism is a good thing. I say it is not. Some say we should let Al Qaeda use our phones, our banks, our computers to do their nefarious deeds, so then they will win. I say they should not.”

“I say to Democrats ‘If you love the terrorists so much, why don’t you go ahead and marry them?'”

At the White House press briefing following the address, Tony Snow lauded the speech, but when he was asked which Democrat specifically the President believed wanted to marry an Al Qaeda terrorist, he responded “The President was speaking figuratively of course. That or maybe he thought John Conyers (D-MI) wanted to marry a terrorist. I don’t know. But I could get back to you on that.”


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  1. ldubya said,

    I think that this is a common mis-under-estimationism that the evil-doers make about our Potus. Potus is stratgerizing for the mid-term elections. He knows that Carl Rove is back to his post as Gepeto after a long time out in the corner. No one should question his plan, it is a thoughtful plan one with lots of thought in it. He has people around him that think a lot and know a lot. So it’s a good thing and anyone who opposes it is against good things. Puppies are good things therefor all people that are against his plan are against puppies. We can’t have that. A line must be drawn! Did I mention that he also has a comprehensive plan? It’s a plan that is very expansive. A lot of people surrounding the Potus contributed to this plan. We all know that one of Potususes strengthuses is getting smart people around him. Honestly how can anyone be against a comprehensive plan like that….

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