June 21, 2006

Tony Snow denies that bombing of civilians “a big deal.”

Posted in parody, political satire, politics, US News at 1:15 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Terri Firma

After yesterday’s large-scale bombing in Kryzyn Iraq, where destruction of up to 55 miles of shrines in the old city took place, Press Secretary Tony Snow affirmed on Fox’s “Hannity and Colmes” that he doubts that the destructive capacity of these bombs is of great import to most when seen against the backdrop of the larger scale “war on terror.” “Most in the US want to see the terrorists defeated. To the extent that this administration pays attention to things like opinion polls…I’m not saying we pay attention to them, Sean, but to the extent that we do, we know that the American people want the terrorists defeated as much as we do, and they may not share this President’s concerns for the destruction of Iraq, but I assure you we mean to keep the destruction down at some point either way.”

Alan Colmes argued that opinion polls indeed had shown concern by Americans for the welfare of ordinary Iraqis, and asked Snow “Would it kill the President to look at a least a few opinion polls, Tony? Maybe the American people are onto something here,” but Snow denied that this is a necessary or desirable thing, and further, “it may kill him for all I know, Alan. You would have to ask him. I’m not sure if I know exactly.”


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